I started knitting in my first semester of college, when I saw a senior girl working on a project in front of crackling fire in an old college dorm. We were surrounded by co-eds happily clicking their needles, and there was a mystical, time-honored tradition of old about the whole thing that reminded me of the 1900s instead of the 21st century. I immediately wanted to learn to knit as well, and after letting me play with her project for a bit, the senior girl instructed me to go out, buy my own materials, and she’d teach me how. My first scarf took two years to complete and is now a lap blanket in my parent’s house! Yes, I tend to go overboard.

The ability to tap into a modern, vibrant network of fellow enthusiasts around the world has helped my knitting talents grow and bloom, from experiments in dyeing yarn and designing original patterns to creating unique stitch markers and other notions for yarn and fiber lovers like myself. I’m a writer, photographer, yarn enthusiast and all around crafty girl with a gift for gabbing and a talent for acquiring hobbies. So basically, I like collecting things, talking too much, and taking pretty pictures. And squishing soft stuff. Like kitty bellies. Yum!

My shop, Exchanging Fire, specializes in handcrafted stitch markers, many made out of deconstructed jewelry and reclaimed or found beads, both vintage and retro. I also create and sell knitting and crocheting supplies, like snap 'n go notion cases, miniskein sock yarn kits, vintage tools and other knitting and crocheting accessories.I'm a perfectionist, so you can be assured that all of my items are made to the best of my ability and are of the highest quality. Enjoy browsing my shop, and let's exchange some fire!

“All things are an exchange for fire, and fire for all things, as goods for gold and gold for goods.” – Heraclitus, 6th century BCE