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Glass Vial with Screw Top Lid - Stitch Markers Holder - Markers In a Bottle - Seven Sizes Available



Glass Vial with Screw Top Lid - Stitch Markers Holder - Markers In a Bottle - Seven Sizes Available
These glass vials are the perfect accessory for keeping your different stitch marker sets organized - whether they are in your project bag or on display in your craft area. They come in a range of sizes, from a teensy vial that's as tiny as the tip of my pinky finger, up to a hefty-sized vial as big as my thumb. The metal screw-top lid ensures that anything you store in these bitty jars won't ever fall out.

These vials satisfies the ultra-organizer inside of you. Keep all of your stitch marker sets untangled and separated with these lightweight, solid glass containers that are resistant to breakage. Or use them to keep those extra bits and bobbles in your bag organized - put a group of safety pins in one and some leftover scrap yarn in another.

The glass vials come in 2 different widths and 7 different heights, ranging from 1 inch up to over 2 inches tall. The sampler pack includes all seven glass vials - one in each size.

The Slim Mouth design is perfect for lace and sock sized stitch markers up to a US size 7 needle (4.5mm), and can fit some larger stitch marker sizes, as long as they are on wire loops. The containers' openings measure just under 3/8 inch (9mm) wide.

Slim Mouth Sizes:
• Small - This tiniest size is just one inch tall (28mm).
• Medium - This size is 1.6 inches tall (42mm).
• Large - The tallest size, it is is 2.25 inches tall (60mm). Holds darning needles!

The Wide Mouth design is the heavy hitter, and works with most medium-sized stitch markers up to US size 11 (8.0mm). The containers' openings measure 5/8 inch (15mm) wide.

Wide Mouth Sizes:
• Small - The smallest size is just over one inch tall (30mm).
• Medium - This slightly bigger size is about 1.4 inches tall (35mm).
• Large - This size measures 1.5 inches tall (40mm).
• Extra-Large - This largest size is about 2 inches tall (50mm).

Stitch markers featured in Slim Mouth design are:
Persephone's Tears -
Pride of the Peacock -
Bigger On The Inside -

Stitch markers featured in Wide Mouth design are:
Every Cowslip's Ear -
On Blueberry Hill -
A Moment of Honey -

Naturally, stitch markers pictured are not included, and are only being used for demonstrative purposes.