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Antique Turquoise Blue Foot Form Darning Egg for Socks and Handknits - Hand Blown Glass Darner

Antique Turquoise Blue Foot Form Darning Egg for Socks and Handknits - Hand Blown Glass Darner
This antique glass darning “egg” is a unique shape. It’s called a “foot form” darner, and it's the perfect shape for darning socks because it maintains the sock's shape as you work on it. It was invented in 1907 and reached its height of popularity during World War II, when these glass darners could be purchased in a trio of colors for "fine hosiery darning" from your favorite mail order catalogue.

This is a really beautifully made darner - the glass was blown with a wooden mold frame, which you never see anymore in modern work. It has been hand-finished, so the pontil mark at the of the handle, where the glass was sealed has an individual look to it due to this. This darning egg is in great condition, with lovely tiny handblown bubble inclusions in the glass and no nicks or cracks to its surface. In the sunlight it gleams.

The color and shape is in amazing condition for such an old piece - and the bright blue turquoise colored glass is impressive. Based on its style and shape, It's a gorgeous decorative item that is functional as well as artistic.

Darning eggs were a very common and important tool long before and during World War II, when a majority of the country actually knit and/or repaired their own store bought socks. This is a beautiful heirloom piece. It is a little over 5 inches long.

When I started knitting seriously, I discovered that my grandmother, Irene, had owned a darning egg. My mother and her sisters grew up on a farm, and Mom vividly recalled her mother sitting in the evenings on the farmhouse, diligently darning socks using the wooden foot form darner.

Grandma married my grandfather, Pap-Pap, in 1945, and they left the farm life and moved to the “city” in 1957, when my mother, the middle child, was 9. They bought their first house for $8,000 and were thrilled to have indoor plumbing. Grandma still darned in the suburbs though, continuing to use the darning egg!