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Thistle O' Scotland - Outlander Series - Five Handmade Stitch Markers - Fits Up To 6.5mm (10.5 US) - Limited Edition

Thistle O' Scotland - Outlander Series - Five Handmade Stitch Markers - Fits Up To 6.5mm (10.5 US) - Limited Edition
"O the Thistle o' Scotland was famous of old, With its tuft so neat and its bristles so bold; 'Tis the badge of my Country, it's aye dear to me, and the thought of them both brings the light to my eye." - Malcolm MacFarlane and Evan MacColl, "The Thistle O' Scotland" (translated from Scots)

This set of five handmade stitch markers are like miniature thistles from the Scottish Highlands for your knitting, only without the prickles! Part of my Outlander collection, these markers represent the Jacobean thistle design which was often found in the jewelry that Claire and Jamie wear. Claire would have known that a herbal extract from the thistle had life-saving properties against poison, and she even named her horse Thistle!

The markers are made from lush faceted and flowering Czech glass beads, creating a design that mimicks the shape and colors of the Scottish thistle, the national emblem of Scotland, from the rich purple flowers to the brilliant green "bristles." From one marker hangs a silver charm with the imagery of the thistle on it, to mark a special stitch.

The legend of the Scottish Thistle is that an invading army of Norsemen had their secret plans foiled by the humble thistle when they stepped on one. The sleeping Scots heard the men's cries of pain and leapt to defend their land. They roused the invaders and in honor of their victory, the King made the thistle the national emblem, with the motto, "No one provokes me with impunity." The thistle is said to represent the personality of the Scottish people, beautiful and stubborn with the tenacity to flourish in spite of everything.

Each marker hangs from a hammered silver ring that is seamless to prevent it from catching on your yarn. Perfect for those who like large, lightweight stitch markers. The markers will fit comfortably onto knitting needles up to 6.5mm (10.5 US), and are featured in the photos on 6.0mm (10 US) needles.

Need crochet markers? These stitch markers can be turned into closed or open hook marker for crochet enthusiasts - just tell me in the Notes to Seller area when you check out which crochet style you would prefer.

Many of my stitch markers are designed from deconstructed vintage jewelry and reclaimed beads, for one-of-a-kind pieces that make great gifts and keepsakes for knitters.

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