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Man in the Moon - Fairy Tale Series - Five Handmade Stitch Markers - 6.0 mm (10 US) - Limited Edition

Man in the Moon - Fairy Tale Series - Five Handmade Stitch Markers - 6.0 mm (10 US) - Limited Edition
"Once upon a time..."

...a dish ran away with a spoon, leaving a knife and fork very peeved, so the cow jumped over the moon to amuse them, the dog laughed hysterically, and the man in the moon got so upset by it all he burnt his mouth on pease-porridge. Naturally, the cat just kept playing his fiddle, oblivious to these shenanigans.

This set of five snag-less stitch markers are like miniature jewels for your knitting. The grey round pressed-shell beads are paired with glittering steel metal accents, creating a deep and rich set of markers that remind me of the moon glittering in a dark night sky. A mischievous face looks out from a silver moon charm that dangles from one marker to help you mark a special stitch.

Part of my Fairy Tales series, these markers represent the amusing and fantastical nursery rhymes of Mother Goose's Hey Diddle Diddle and the Man and the Moon.

The markers will fit comfortably onto knitting needles up to 6.0 mm (10 US), and are featured in the photos on needles of the same size.

The beads are suspended from ultra-thin, nylon-coated stainless steel wire for a delicate, snag-less feeling on your knitting needles. They won't catch on your yarn, and the teardrop-shaped loops cut down the occurrence of ladders in your knitting.

Need crochet markers? These stitch markers can be turned into closed or open hook marker for crochet enthusiasts - just tell me in the Notes to Seller area when you check out which crochet style you would prefer.

Many of my stitch markers are designed from deconstructed vintage jewelry and reclaimed beads, for one-of-a-kind pieces that make great gifts and keepsakes for knitters.

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