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Silver Stitch Marker Holder - Keeper of the Flame



Silver Stitch Marker Holder - Keeper of the Flame
This silver stitch marker holder is the perfect accessory for keeping your stitch markers organized in your project bag or notions tin.

Twisted into an endless circle out of one seamless piece of wire, this lightweight and flexible ring is just the thing for protecting your small, handmade stitch markers. A simple tug unhooks one smooth, finished end from its loop so you can add or remove markers.

The small keeper measures about .875 inches across and the large keeper measures about 1.25 inches across. Thin enough to fit through most knit or crocheted stitches, in a pinch this keeper can double as an extra removable marker.

Add this stitch marker keeper to your shopping basket with another purchase and shipping for this item is free! If buying multiple holders for gifts or clubs, please indicate that in the "Notes to Seller" area so I can wrap them individually for you.