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The Secret of the Chromastone - Five Color Changing Mood Stitch Markers - Fits 5.0mm (8 US) To 8.0mm (13 US) - Open Edition



The Secret of the Chromastone - Five Color Changing Mood Stitch Markers - Fits 5.0mm (8 US) To 8.0mm (13 US) - Open Edition
"Mood ring oh mood ring / Oh tell me will you bring / The key to unlock this mystery / Of girls and their emotions..." - Relient K, "Mood Rings"

This groovy set of five handmade stitch markers are like miniature mood rings for your knitting. Learn the Secret of the Chromastone when you knit with these markers.

These genuine thermochromic Mirage™ beads have color-changing capabilities from the liquid crystal elements inside of them! Just like the Chromastone and Moodyblue rings jewelry of the disco era, these retro-looking stitch markers will put the the hustle back into your knitting.

Mood jewelry was touted in the 1970s as being a way to reflect a wearer's state of mind. Biologists said that skin temperature varied with emotional states, as blood flow was controlled by the brain. Mood rings took off, with mommies telling their children to stay away from them if the ring was black and even employers telling their workers not to ask for a raise unless they had a blue ring (thereby "proving" they were happy at their job). By the late '70s liquid crystal makers had even devised ways of using the same technology from mood rings in medical science - which are still used today!

While these stitch markers don't promise to cure all your ills, the colors in these "mood" markers could reveal unknown feelings and emotions. They are:

Black - Tense, inhibited, harassed. Undergoing mental or nervous strain, intellectually preoccupied or overworking.
Grey - Unfeeling and emotional detached.
Brown - Strained with anxieties and troubled.
Orange - Mixed feelings, on edge and disquieted.
Yellow - Unsettled, scattered thoughts.
Green - Actively involved and not under great stress.
Turquoise Blue - Emotionally charged and somewhat relaxed.
Bright Blue - Relaxed, feeling loose with emotions, flowing. At ease with yourself.
Violet Blue - The ultimate. Totally involved emotionally, with a high degree of attention, passion or inner focus. A feeling of being open, happy, satisfied.

What do all the colors together mean? “You’re in the mood to knit!”

Each marker hangs from a delicate, silver-toned ring that is seamless to prevent it from catching on your yarn. The markers will fit comfortably onto knitting needles up to either 5.0mm (8 US) or 8.0mm (13 US), and are featured in the photos on 3.0mm (2.5 US) needles. Please select which size you prefer before checkout - if left unselected, the smaller size, which is pictured, will automatically be chosen.

Although these are durable stitch markers, do not submerge them in water as it will damage the magic of the Chromastone.

Need crochet markers? These stitch markers can be turned into closed or open hook marker for crochet enthusiasts - just tell me in the Notes to Seller area when you check out which crochet style you would prefer.