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Poppers - Small Stitch Marker Holder - Hamster Ball Style Case

Poppers - Small Stitch Marker Holder - Hamster Ball Style Case
An Exchanging Fire exclusive! Poppers™ are the perfect accessory for keeping your stitch markers organized in your project bag or notions case. These fun little round containers make the best sound when you open and shut them, reminding me of my favorite childhood push toy that popped so colorfully. This listing is for one Popper.

These cases are great for that ultra-organizer inside of you. Keep your stitch marker sets untangled and separate with these fun hamster ball style plastic containers. Each Popper™ typically holds one medium-size set of stitch markers and two to three small and extra-small stitch markers. Or use them to keep those extra bits and bobbles in your bag organized - put a group of safety pins in one and some leftover scrap yarn in another to keep it from being tangled. You know they are locked shut and ready to toss into your bag when you hear that "pop!"

Poppers™ measures about 1.25 inches around with an interior size of about 1 inch. They are perfect for parties and gifts. Add this to your shopping basket with another purchase and shipping for this item is free!

Naturally, stitch markers pictured are not included, and are only being used for demonstrative purposes.

Stitch markers featured are:
Bright Lightning -
The Secret of the Chromastone -
Luck of the Irish -
What Your Heart Contains -