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A Dolphin Tale - Needle Buddies - Small Sock Size Double Pointed Needle DPN Holders



A Dolphin Tale - Needle Buddies - Small Sock Size Double Pointed Needle DPN Holders
An Exchanging Fire exclusive! Needle Buddies are the perfect accessory for keeping your DPNs held together and organized in your project bag, notions case or even while you have sock-sized knitting still on the needles. Not only do they protect your needle tips but they look adorable doing it!

These turquoise dolphins are squeaking with glee to be your buddies. Their rubberized grip helps them hold onto needles of all types, from wood and bamboo to metal. They are squeezable and soft and stretch comfortably to fit various needle sizes. While these are nicely-sized mammals, and can be used on all sock-sized needles, try them on different DPN sizes in your stash to find the needles they like grabbing onto best.

These DPN holders can be used for needles ranging from 2 to 4 US (2.5-3.5mm). These can hold pairs of larger needles (5-9 US). While most animals can hold 4 to 5 sock sized double pointed needles together as a set, each pair of needle buddies is unique. Needle Buddies range in size but typically measure between .75 to 1" inches around.

Worried about your buddies getting separated from each other? Simply select "With elastic band" under Variation to have your buddies threaded with a 7" clear elasticized cord. They'll always stick together!

Looking for a different animal? Choose from our wide selection of Needle Buddies located in the DPN and Stitch Holders section of the shop:

Naturally, needles are not included, and are only being used for demonstrative purposes.